Historic Petrolia School Photos

Petrolia Elementary School Students

The 1939 Petrolia Seniors

First Row (Front): Edra Nell Short; Blanch Wyman, Ruth Kremer; Montz Bray; Francis Hoover; Cledith Groves, Helen Ruth Van Winkle; Doris Foreman; Estelle Calahan.

Second Row (Middle): C.A. Jolly, Principal; Edmond Meyers; Melvin King; Morris Holloway; A.C. Gee; Broyles Hall; Jack Caddel; C.C. Brock, Supt.

Third Row (Back): Teacher ?; Alfred Whaley; Mildred Johnson; G.W. Rutledge; Jack Sircy; J.R. Weatherall; Ben Bitz; Donald Current; Teacher ?; Raymond Patrick

Petrolia Graduating Class 1938

More Historical Photos to come!

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