Students and Teachers Shared Memories

Mrs. Marion (Myrtice Robinson) Moon, Longtime Teacher

MYRTICE MOON - (Interview with Mrs. Marion (Myrtice Robinson) Moon August 8, 1993, by Lucille Glasgow, friend and fellow teacher.)

The first week we were out here in 1924, my sister came with me so she could finish here so she wouldn't have to take entrance examinations.  When I went to college, I had to take entrance examinations, because Chico, where I graduated, was not accredited.

We got an apartment right across from the school.  Louise, my sister, was a pretty girl.  About the first week we were here, Carl Ikard met her somewhere and asked her for a date to go to the picture show.  He came walking up and asked me to go with them, so I did.  We came out of the picture show and went into the drugstore to get something to drink.

This young man came in, laid his car keys on the counter and walked out without saying a word.  Carl knew what it meant, that he could take us girls home in his car.  I asked Carl who the young man was and said I'd like to go out with him.

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Petrolia School Memories:

Barbara (Chapin) Jamison, Class of 1932, recalled living about three miles from town out on Hwy. 810 North and driving herself to school in her father’s Model T.   She was only 12 years old! ! !  If it was rainy, her father would take her to school on horseback, otherwise she drove to school each day.  Her dad always cautioned her not to pick up hitchhikers.  Even though he told her to never give anyone a ride, she sometimes pick up her friends, the Weatherall kids, so they wouldn’t have to walk so far!

Bill Bert Ball, Class of 1937, said that at the commencement exercises in May, Superintendent C.C. Bock announced that Bill was the youngest graduate to date in the history of the school.  Bill was 15 years, 5 months of age!  (At the time Texas required only 11  years of education to graduate.)

Trudie Mason Denney, Class of 1945, recalled, the class of ‘44 graduated in May,  just days before D-Day, June 6th.  Some of the guys joined the US military, and proudly served our county.  Of the 33 graduates, 6 became educators, 4 engineers, 1 minister, and several  CPA’s.  During WWII gasoline and tires were severely rationed in support of the war effort.  The result was our class was unable to take a senior trip or publish a yearbook, so we donated our hard earned money to purchase a hot water heater for the Home Economics Department.  The chemistry teacher, who was only a year or so older than we were, was our senior class sponsor. She told the senior boys they could not wear boots to the Graduation Ceremony.  None of these rednecks had dress shoes, so they told her they would walk in their sock feet.  Guess what they wore?          Boots of course!  

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University Interscholastic League:

In the first 19 years of UIL Basketball competition ALL schools, small and large competed against each other for ONE Texas State Basketball Championship.   Now they compete in six classes based on enrollment.

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