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PESA School Wide Reunion Scheduled for June 10, 2023

PESA School Wide Reunion Scheduled for June 10, 2023

The PESA Officers will meet in early 2023 to decide whether to hold a School Wide Reunion on: SAT, JUN 10 AT 9 AM

The Petrolia Ex-Students' Association Reunion

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PESA School Wide Reunions

The Petrolia Ex-Students' Association (PESA) hosts a school wide reunion every three years, on the 2nd Saturday of June. A reunion was scheduled for 2021, but was postponed because of safety concerns due to the CoVid 19 outbreak. In 2022 the officers again postponed the reunion over concerns for CoVid 19.

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PESA Officers:

The PESA Officers are elected by the whole PESA membership during the regular business meeting at each Reunion and serve three year terms. The officers meet several times prior to each reunion to plan and organize the event.  The association president appoints the committee chairpersons who enlist committee members to serve on their committees and accomplish their particular tasks to put on the reunion. (The Association President may appoint a replacement officer in the case of an officer's inability or death.) A theme is selected by the officers for each reunion, which gives it a unique focus and flavor.

Petrolia Ex-Student Assoc., P.O. Box 127, Petrolia, TX 76377

The officers elected in 2018 for the 2021 reunion:

  • President: John Swenson, Jr. - 1963

  • 1st VP: Marchuetta Lundy Matthews - 1979 (in charge of printing & working up the program once a theme is decided)

  • 2nd VP: Roger Thonton - 1966 - (In charge of hospitality--continental breakfast & greeters)

  • Co-Secretary-Treasurers

    • Sheryl Wilson Gunstanson - 1974

    • Paula Holland Swenson - 1966 (In charge of address collection, mailing notice of reunion, & finances, etc.)

  • Reporter - Linda Young McKie - 1974 (in charge of reunion publicity & reporting.)

At the 2018 reunion, in an effort to limit expenses, the members decided that the co-secretaries will only mail notices to those ex-students who had responded to mailings & paid dues to the last two reunions. Notices will, of course, continue to be placed in the Clay County Leader & Wichita Falls Times Record News, as well as, on the Petrolia school Web site!

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History of Petrolia Schools

At the June 2000 PESA Reunion Mrs. Lucille Glasgow presented “Through The Century at Petrolia Schools". Many remember Mrs. Glasgow as a Petrolia school teacher. After many years of service she retired from public education and became involved with the Clay County Historical Society and the 1890 Jail Museum and Heritage Center in Henrietta. She is now much less involved and serves as a Special Consultant and advisor to the Historical Society and the 1890 Jail Museum.

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PESA Membership

Download and Complete the PESA Membership Application, then send it and a check for $4.00, to the Petrolia Ex-Student Assoc., P.O. Box 127, Petrolia, TX 76377. Sign up to receive Email Notices for PESA Reunions and other events at

After Easter, 2022, PESA Officers will decide if a school wide Reunion will be held in 2022. They will consider the numbers of CoVid 19 cases in Clay and Wichita Counties, as well as Texas as a whole as they are concerned for the health, safety and welfare of all who would attend. Sign up to receive occasional email notices about PESA Reunions and other events at

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