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Photo above: The 1939 Petrolia Senior Class

First Row: Edra Nell Short,  Blanch Byman,  Ruth Klemer,  Montz Bray, Frances Hoover, Cledith Groves, Helen Ruth VanWinkle, Doris Forman, Estella Calahan (Val.)

Second Row: C.A. Jolly, Principal, Edmond Myers, Melvin King, Morris Holloway, A.C. Gee, Broyles Hall, Jack Caddell (Sal.), Alice Tamen, C.C. Bock, Supt.

Top Row: ? Teacher ?, Alfred Whaley, Mildred Johnson, G.W. Rutledge, Jack Sircy, J.R.  Weatherall, Ben Bitz, Donald Current, ? Teacher ?, Raymond Patrick.

PESA Membership

PESA Membership:

When the members of the Class of 1947 met on Saturday, April 12, 1958 at the Petrolia High School for their first reunion, they not only had a wonderful time, they also made Petrolia history by forming the Petrolia Ex-Student Association (PESA).  The following year the newly created PESA held the FIRST Petrolia School Wide Reunion on April 3-4, 1959.

The First PESA officers served from 1958 - 1961:

  • President: Galen Cadell

  • Vice President: Harold Reynolds

  • Secretaries: Betty Lyon Brown & Francis Childers

The PESA Reunions are open to all who attended Petrolia Schools and also, school staff who were employed by the district.

Become a member of the Petrolia Ex-Student Association:   Download and Complete the PESA Membership application, then Mail it and a check for $4.00, to the Petrolia Ex-Student Assoc., 7585 FM 810, Petrolia, TX 76377.

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The 1958 PHS "Time Capsule”

In the Spring of 2023 Wayne Mathews (59) mentioned that a "Time Capsule” had been created and buried by the PHS Class of 1958.  When Wayne saw me at the 2023 Reunion, he reminded me of the Time Capsule and mentioned that Kennard Hill (58) was discussing it with him earlier that day.

Since the 2026 Reunion will be the PESATX's 25th Reunion, it seems this could be an appropriate time to dig up the "Time Capsule” and review the contents. After photographing the contents, it could be buried again, along with some new items for a future generation.

What do you know of the 1958 PHS "Time Capsule”?

Someone on the PESATX FB Group mentioned that the 2000 PHS Class had also buried a Time Capsule.  A member of the Senior class that year confirmed that the idea was abandoned because the School Board was discussing a bond election and plans for a new Jr.H.  & Sr.H. School campus building.  

If you have any knowledge or information about the 1958 Time Capsule or subsequent PHS Time Capsules please contact Kenneth Bitz by email at or the current PESATX Officers.

Ms. Monte McBride, Petrolia’s First Teacher and First Superintendent.

Petrolia Superintendents

Kenda Cox is the current Petrolia CISD Superintendent.

After Derrith Welch retired in 2017, the District’s board selected David Hedges as the next Superintendent.  Mr. Hedges served from 2017 to 2023.

Do you want to serve as a PESA Officer or volunteer for the next School Wide Reunion?

If you want to serve as a PESA Officer or Volunteer to assist with the next School Wide Reunion please Contact a Current PESA Officers..